Unusual Shrubs & Climbers

If you're looking for something a bit different to adorn your garden, our new arrival of slightly unusual plants may be what you're requiring.



Actinidia kolomikta
A vigorous, fully hardy, vine-like climber. Grown for its exotic looking, decorative foliage, tinged purple when young and later becoming splotched pink and white through the top half of the leaf. A great specimen plant that will thrive in a fertile, well-drained soil. Full sun is needed to bring out the colours of the foliage. Ideal for covering walls. Grows to height 5m x spread 4m.

Clematis Freckles
A hardy evergreen climber, displaying highly attractive, scented, bell-like flowers from November to February (their nectar and pollen fills the hungry gap for winter bees) on the previous years growth. Prefers a sunny, sheltered spot. Ideal for training over a pergola or arch as flowers are best viewed from beneath. Grows to height 2.5m x spread .5m.

Clematis Wisley Cream
An evergreen climber that bears attractive, creamy-lime, cup-shaped flowers to 8cm across in late winter/early spring above glossy, dark green leaves which turn a striking bronze in winter. Perfect for covering obelisks, fences/walls or grown in a container in a sheltered, west/south-facing position. Grows to height 2.5m x spread 2m. RHS Award For Garden Merit

Trachelospermum Variegatum
A variegated evergreen climber with beautiful, highly fragrant white flowers in summer. Decorative glossy oval leaves margined and blotched with creamy-white take on a reddish tint in winter, thus offering year-round appeal. Perfect for covering obelisks, arches or walls in a sheltered, west/south-facing position. Grows to height 3m x spread 2.5m



Buddleja alternifolia
Grows to a large deciduous shrub that can be trained into a small tree. Arching branches with their narrow silvery grey-green leaves are contrasted beautifully by the clusters of highly scented lilac-purple flowers in summer attracting a wealth of butterflies and insects. Happy in full sun or partial shade in a moist but well-drained soil. Grows to height 2.5m x spread 2.5m. RHS Award For Garden Merit

Cryptomeria Vilmoriniana
A slow growing dwarf conifer that forms a dense, globe shaped bush. Short stiff dark green needles turn bronze in winter and back to green in spring. Ideal for any sheltered spot in a moist but well-drained soil. Low maintenance, suitable for rock gardens, patio containers and middle of borders. Grows to height .5-1m x spread .5-1m. RHS Award For Garden Merit

Euphorbia Silver Swan
A fabulous shrubby evergreen with strong architectural stems bearing attractive grey-green leaves margined silver-cream. In spring, stem tips develop into cup-like creamy-yellow-green flowers. Striking in appearance overall and great for providing contrast to borders and patio containers. They do require a very well-drained soil (add grit if necessary) in a sunny position. Grows to height .5-1m x spread .5-1m. RHS Award For Garden Merit.

Ilex Convexed Gold
A slow growing, dense, dwarf Holly with striking golden foliage (at it's brightest in winter/spring). Small insignificant flowers give way to blue-black berries, a great food source for birds and small mammals in autumn. Perfect for front of borders or for creating a low-level hedge. It responds particularly well to clipping making it a good alternative to Buxus.Grows to height 1m x spread .75m

Lophomyrtus Red Dragon
An attractive fast-growing evergreen shrub, with colourful foliage that provides year-round interest. Great in a large pot or sheltered shrub border. The small oval leaves are a lovely blend of burgundy, cream and pink, so they offer a good contrast to shrubs with plainer green foliage. When mature small white flowers with a delicate scent appear from early summer. Prefers partial shade in a fertile, well-drained soil. Grows to height 1.6m x spread 1.2m

Ribes laurifolium
A hardy, spreading, multi-stemmed evergreen shrub. Its oblong dark-green leathery leaves provide year-round interest and contrast to the masses of scented creamy-yellow flowers which arrive in spring. It prefers a sheltered, sunny position in a well-drained soil. It will happily tolerate drought and problematic clay soils. Grows to height 1m x spread 1m

Sequoia Adpressa
A slow-growing, bushy evergreen with tightly compressed, grey-green needles which provide the perfect contrast to the new, creamy-white spring growth (regular pruning will encourage more new growth). For best leaf contrast, plant in a partially shaded position in a well-drained soil. Makes a fabulous patio container plant. Grows to height 1.2m x spread 1.2m. RHS Award For Garden Merit.