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Hilltop Nurseries near GranthamIf you want nothing but the very best real Christmas trees in Nottingham this winter, Hilltop Nurseries have all the answers! We have been providing quality and all-natural Christmas trees in Nottingham for decades. Our extensive collection of Christmas trees consists of every type of Christmas tree grown in England.


Check out our extensive real Christmas tree Collection near Nottingham

Everyone loves Christmas, and one of the most eagerly awaited things about the special time of the year is the Christmas tree. We house nothing but the very best Christmas trees that are completely real and are grown naturally. Our staff takes complete care of the trees, ensuring that your holiday season is extra special when you place our real Christmas trees on display in your home.

Here is our extensive collection of Christmas trees near Nottingham, from which you can choose from. It consists of the following:

  • The Norway Spruce, also known as the most popular Christmas tree grown in the UK. We want to provide the very best and the Norway Spruce is perfect. It comes in a dark green tone, with needles that give off a sweet light fragrance. The tree grows quickly and is known to get soft.
  • The Blue Spruce, is also grown by us, because what kind of Christmas tree collection would it be without this tree. It has needles that remain stiff for a long time, and that makes it incredibly popular. You will commonly find it all decked up and on display on most Christmas parties.
  • The Fraser Fir, is another Christmas tree that you can come and check out in our collection. It has a thin base, and comes in dark green colour, while its needles remain stiff. If you want a real Christmas tree in Nottingham, you can’t go wrong with this one.


Get only the best real Christmas trees near Nottingham

We are renowned all over the UK for our collection of real Christmas trees, which feature some of the best trees you will find in Nottingham. Our staff take pride in taking care of the trees and looking after them throughout the year, so you get the best Christmas tree. We go to great lengths to ensure that our all-natural and real Christmas trees have the perfect environment to grow.

If you want to make a difference this Christmas, there is only one way you can do that, which is by getting a real Christmas tree near Nottingham from Hilltop Nurseries.


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Come check out our nursery during the winter, and our staff will give you a tour of the extensive collection of real Christmas trees we have on display. We can guarantee that we have the best Christmas trees near Nottingham, which will be in your budget. Of course, you’re also welcome to visit us during other seasons for gardening tools, garden furniture, soil and fertilisers and a wide range of plants, such as herbaceous alpines.

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