A little protection for your plants in extreme weather or when pests and diseases threaten can be the difference between success and abject failure. There's a comprehensive armoury of defences against the main threats to your plants available in our garden centre.

Frosty weather: in our garden centre you'll find horticultural fleece on the roll, sold by the metre. Throwing a couple of layers over tender plants like potatoes when frost threatens can be enough to see them through.

Pests: stretch fine-gauge netting, also available in our garden centre, over a framework to keep birds from stealing your berries. Netting cloches over cabbages and sprouts also keep pigeons at bay. There are a range of other options for warding off all sorts of pests in our garden centre, from slug pellets to insect sprays.

Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Nottingham  for more information and advice about protecting your crops.