The gravels and sands we stock all come in 25kg bags

Horticultural Sharp Sand coarse, washed sand added to compost for the propagation of cuttings and used for top dressing lawns

Horticultural Silver sand fine grain of washed sand mixed to compost and used in the propagation of seeds and cuttings.

Horticultural Grit fine, sharp small grit used to mix with compost to assist with drainage, used to dig into heavier soils to help break it down and aerate and used to top-dress pots

Alpine Grit fine grit used in planting and top-dressing

Golden Gravel decorative pale yellow gravel for top dressing or paths

Golden Flint Gravel similar to golden gravel but bigger pieces

Moonstone attractive blend of grey, black and white gravel

Manilla Cream pale cream gravel, usually on a 4 bags for the price of 3 deal

White Spar pure white decorative gravel

Blue, Green or Plum Slate used for topdressing or paths

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