Our top 10 shrubs

Our "top ten" list of must have shrubs in your garden.  Our experienced staff are always on hand to help you find the perfect shrub for your garden

Photinia Red Robin. evergreen shrub, suitable for hedging or a specimen.  Dark green leaves that have a red tip that becomes more vivid in winter. Evergreen and very tolerant of most soil conditions.  Little red robin has smaller neater leaves and is one of our favourites.

Choysia Sundance. Yellow foliage, evergreen shrub that produces a white flower in spring. Hardy shrub that is easy to grow and will bring brightness to the garden in winter.

Lavender. Popular fragrant shrub that will be a reliable performer in a border, container or as a small hedge.

Hebe. Too many varieties to pick out a favourite but a small to medium sized shrubs that will give colour all year.

Acer. Beautiful as a tree or shrub. Give structure to a garden or use as focal point . Foliage that changes colour spring to autum, some also have colourful bark.

Bamboo. A very elegant plant, often used as a form of screening, sounds lovely when the breeze moves through it.

Hydrangea  Large flower heads in late summer.  They prefer well drained, rich soil and need plenty of water.  Blue flowers will only appear in acid conditions

Cornus Coloured stemmed varieties are very eye catching and good for winter colour

Philadelphus White flowers appear in June and July that have a distinct orange blossom fragrance. Will grow almost anywhere.

Buddleia Called the butterfly bush as it has cone shaped flowers,July to September that are highly attractive to butterflies.  Prefer a sunny position.




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