Shrubs for shade

Here are a few shrubs that are suitable for a shady area in your garden.  If you need any advice on shrubs, please call into our garden centre in Nottingham and one of our knowledgeable staff will be able to help you.

Aucuba  Laurel-like shrub with broad, yellow splashed leaves.  Plants are male and female, red berries will appear on female bushes if a male is close by.

Hypericum  St Johns Wort  Low growing shrub which spread and supresses weeds, providing a colourful floral display from June to September.  It will flourish under trees and on banks.

Ilex - Holly  Spiny, deep green prickly leaves with bright red berries.  Hollies are slow growing.  Variegated varieties need a sunny spot to flourish.

Mahonia  Evergreen shrub with large holly like leaves and fragrant yellow flowers early in the year and black berries later in the season.

Pachysandra Excellent for ground cover and will grow in dense shade under trees.





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