Roses for scent

The irresistibly sweet, sultry scent of the rose has inspired Shakespearean sonnets, films, songs and stories like no other. Growing roses goes hand in hand with filling your garden with perfume, and there are dozens of richly fragrant roses to choose from in our garden centre. We've picked five of our favourites:

Lady Emma Hamilton Apricot/orange rose with dark bronzy green foliage.  Deliciously fruity fragrance.

Wollerton Old Hall Cream flowers and one of the most fragrant English roses. Almost thornless and ideal to train as a climber

Falstaff Large, full petalled flowers of rich, dark crimson colouring. Strong growth and a powerful old rose fragrance.

'Graham Thomas' is a striking butterscotch-yellow rose with generous flowers and a deliciously fresh perfume. It was voted the world's most popular rose in 2003.

'Gertrude Jekyll' has an intoxicating old-rose perfume but it's a modern rose, bred to combine the old- fashioned scent of traditional roses with the strong, disease-free growth of today's plants.

Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Nottingham for more information and advice about scented roses for your garden.

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