Edible climbers

When space is tight, you'll want to use every inch you can to grow crops. And when you've run out of room on the ground, sometimes the only way is up.

Edible climbers do everything ornamental plants do - lush foliage, spectacular flowers, and often good autumn colour – but with the added bonus of a generous harvest. Here's a selection of the best from the range in our garden centre in Nottingham.

Runner beans are straightforward to grow and incredibly generous, producing several pounds of long beans from every plant. 'Painted Lady' has bicoloured red-and-white flowers.

Loganberries are loose-stemmed shrubs, easily trained against a fence. The sweet, juicy berries look like oversized raspberries.

Tayberries vigorous climber that is a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry, fruit is bigger and sweeter than a loganberry

Blackberries thornless varieties are available of this traditional soft fruit.  Ideal for pies, crumbles and jam




Please ask the staff in our Nottingham garden centre for more information and advice about growing edible climbers.

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