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Hilltop Nurseries near GranthamWhen looking for plants from a nursery near Nottingham you need to find a garden centre that’s passionate about gardens. At this garden centre you will find a garden centre run by people who are passionate about spreading the joy of gardening.


Why visit this Nursery near Nottingham?

What makes this nursery near Nottingham unique is that we offer a huge selection of plants, shrubs, herbs, trees, roses, and herbaceous perennials that are mostly grown on premise. This means that our clients get to have plants that have been grown under the highest standards of quality, ensuring their long life. We pride ourselves on providing out clients with the best quality plants for their outdoor space. If you’re wondering where to buy your next plants then need not look any further, because you are going to find them all right here.

  • Extensive range of plants: at our Nursery near Nottingham , you are going to find an extensive range of high quality plants, including climbers, roses and perennials just to name a few. The huge variety ensures that you are able to find the right plant that matches your personality.
  • Gardening supplies and tools: we also offer premium quality gardening supplies and tools that will help gardeners along their journey to create the perfect garden in their home. The gardening tools that we provide have been designed for both amateur gardeners, as well as seasoned experts. All of the tools that we provide have been individually sourced from the best manufacturers in the business of gardening and horticulture industry.
  • Garden furniture: you will find a huge selection of elegant garden furniture at our garden centre. The line-up of garden furniture we have on offer allows homeowners to transform their outdoor space in style with benches and outdoor furniture sets that will instantly spruce up the look of your garden.
  • Gardening tips and tricks: Knowing little tid-bits about the plants you grow can help you around the garden. At the nursery at Nottingham , you are going to find some amazing tips and tricks of how you can grow various plants and shrubs, including vegetable and fruit plants, along with many tips on hedging, pots, and bedding plants. One thing’s for sure, you are going to find a wealth of knowledge once you visit the nursery at Nottingham .
  • Real-Christmas trees: we wouldn’t be a high quality nursery without our high quality Christmas trees. During season, we have an extensive range of trees, the Norway Spruce, Fraser Fir and Blue Spruce.


Find your favourite flowers at our nursery near Nottingham 

The nursery near Nottingham is home to one of the largest collections of flowers, shrubs, herbs, roses, and trees, including fruit bearing plants and vegetable-bearing plants. Whether you have just started or have had the green thumb for a while, you are definitely going to appreciate the level of quality and amount of variety that we have on offer, along with plenty of sage advice form the experts of gardening and horticulture you won’t find any place else.


Visit our nursery near Nottingham 

To find out what else we stock, visit our product range page. We are sure to stock what you need and very happy to help out when it comes to decorating your garden!

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