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 Here at Hilltop we are constantly refreshing our product lines to meet customer demands and those tried and tested must-have seasonal essentials. Our dedicated staff are always on hand to give you planting and growing tips, so there's no reason not to try something new!


Bare-root Hedging

Quick to establish, bare-root hedging also referred to as 'whips' are a very economical way of planting a new hedge. 

Typical planting density would be 5 plants per metre planted in 2 rows. These are best planted between October to late March. 

Our range includes:

Quickthorn – £1.00 each

Privet Green 2yr – £1.50 each

Beech Green – £1.35 each


Soft Fruit – Potted

Blackberry Thornless – £6.00

Blueberry – £10.00

Boysenberry (Blackberry / Raspberry cross) – £7.00

Currants Black, Red & White – £3.50

Fig – £7.00

Gooseberry  £5.00

Jostaberry (Blackcurrant / Gooseberry cross) – £8.00

Loganberry (Blackberry / Raspberry cross) – £8.00

Raspberry – £7.00

Rhubarb – £5.00

Tayberry (Blackberry / Raspberry cross) – £7.00

Fabulous Specimens

If your garden is lacking a focal point, then it might benefit from introducing a specimen. 

New Spring stock has just arrived...you'll be amazed at our wide range!

•  Bamboos

•  Arches

•  Cloud & Pom Pom trees

•  Olives

•  Palms

•  Standards

Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees provide either interesting foliage colour and shape or offer decorative flowers, fruits or nuts and provide a wonderful aesthetic to any landscaping project – ideal for gardens and driveways.

•  Acers

•  Liquidambar

•  Prunus

•  Salix

•  Sorbus...PLUS many more!




Autumn Basket & Bedding Plants 

Tidy up your baskets and pots with our fabulous selection of autumn flowering bedding and basket plants.

Locally grown Pansy, Viola and Cyclamen £2.99 per pack or 4 packs for £10, mix and match

We also offer a filling service!



Spring Bulbs

Come and take a look at our fabulous range of bulbs!

Pre-pack bulbs £2.99 or 4 for £10


•  Allium 70p/ea

•  Crocus 12p/ea

•  Hyacinths 60p/ea

•  Miniature Daffodils 20p/ea

•  Large Daffodils 15p/ea

•  Tulips 15p/ea

Pots & Containers Many Buy One Get One FREE

Glam-up your patio with one of our new season pots/containers.
Whether you're looking for texture, a traditional stone or contemporary style, we have just the pot for you!

• Textured

• Glazed

• Stone

Herbaceous Plants for beautiful borders

Looking to create a new garden border? Our wide range of herbaceous plants will create quite the spectacle during the Summer months.


Range includes:

•  Salvia

•  Foxglove

•  Crocosmia

•  Penstemon