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 Here at Hilltop we are constantly refreshing our product lines to meet customer demands and those tried and tested must-have seasonal essentials. Our dedicated staff are always on hand to give you planting and growing tips, so there's no reason not to try something new!


Fruit Trees

Our specially selected range of heavy cropping fruit trees include both old favourites and more unusual varieties. Take your pick!

Small garden? We have a range suitable for confined spaces that can be controlled to 2-3 metres.

Apples – Braeburns, Blenheim Orange, Bramley's Seedling, Egremont Russet and Golden Delicious

Cherry – Stella and Sunburst

Pears – Beth, Beurre Hardy, Concorde, Conference, Doyenne du Comice, Robin and Williams

Plums – Czar, Old Greengage, Victoria

Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees provide either interesting foliage colour and shape or offer decorative flowers, fruits or nuts and provide a wonderful aesthetic to any landscaping project – ideal for gardens and driveways.

•  Acers

*  Liquidambar

•  Prunus

•  Salix

• Sorbus...PLUS many more!




Autumn Basket & Bedding Plants 

Tidy up your baskets and pots with our fabulous selection of autumn flowering bedding and basket plants.

Locally grown Pansy, Viola and Cyclamen £2.99 per pack or 4 packs for £10, mix and match

We also offer a filling service!



Spring Bulbs

Come and take a look at our fabulous range of bulbs!

Pre-pack bulbs £2.99 or 4 for £10


•  Allium 70p/ea

•  Crocus 12p/ea

•  Hyacinths 60p/ea

•  Miniature Daffodils 20p/ea

•  Large Daffodils 15p/ea

•  Tulips 15p/ea

Pots & Containers Many Buy One Get One FREE

Glam-up your patio with one of our new season pots/containers.
Whether you're looking for texture, a traditional stone or contemporary style, we have just the pot for you!

• Textured

• Glazed

• Stone

Herbaceous Plants for beautiful borders

Looking to create a new garden border? Our wide range of herbaceous plants will create quite the spectacle during the Summer months.


Range includes:

•  Salvia

•  Foxglove

•  Crocosmia

•  Penstemon

Fabulous Specimens

If your garden is lacking a focal point, then it might benefit from introducing a specimen. 

New Spring stock has just arrived...you'll be amazed at our wide range!

•  Bamboos

•  Arches

•  Cloud & Pom Pom trees

•  Olives

•  Palms

•  Standards


Elevate your dishes with fresh garden to kitchen herbs. We have a wide range available from favourites to the more unusual varieties.


•  Marinades, pestos & rubs

•  Herb flavoured butters & breads

•  Infusing cocktails & teas