Italian Specimens

Add a focal point to your garden!

 If you're looking to give your garden that WOW factor, then a strong, multi-seasonal, striking specimen will provide a fabulous focal point to your garden. Statement plants really do give gardens that extra dimension and are great way to divert the eyes away from less impressive areas or unsightly buildings. Here at Hilltop we offer a wide range of fine Italian specimens to suit all garden sizes and personal tastes from trained arches, pom poms and twists! 


Sold in both large established and as standards, the evergreen Olive tree is perfect for adding a touch of the Mediterranean to your garden and makes a great addition to a patio or pizza oven area as they are suited to both garden and container planting.

Olives prefer a south or west facing, sheltered position and a well-drained soil. Established plants are extremely drought-tolerant but as with younger plants, should be watered regularly during dry weather/growing season to avoid compost drying out. Watering during dry spells between Feb and May is crucial for fruit production.

Generally frost hardy to -10°C. Standards would do well to be brought inside a conservatory in colder regions, or protect from frost with a fleece. Feed olives in spring and during the growing season with a liquid fertilizer eg. Phostrogen to encourage strong new growth.

These slow growing trees require little pruning. Pinch out younger shoots in container-grown olives when they reach 5ft, to encourage a more branching shaped tree and remove dead or diseased branches if required in late spring/early summer.

Ligustrum Pom Pom

A stunning feature for your garden adding a wow factor.  Ligustrum are evergreen, suitable for containers, will tolerate full sun to partial shade, most soil types and are winter hardy.

We have single stem (one ball) and multi stem (3-5 balls)


Cupressus Pom Pom

Eyecatching for a decorative pot for a centrepiece.  Cupressus has dense foliage which makes it ideal for topiary shaping. Happy in most soils, sun or light shade.  Winter hardy


Striking variegated foliage, this versatile plants is ideal for illuminating darker area of the garden.  One of the toughest shrubs, copes well with dry soil and salty air.  We have elaegnus pompoms, medium sized shrubs and large cones

Photinia Red Robin Pom Pom

One of the most versatile evergreen shrubs in the garden.  Low maintenance, suitable for containers, coloured leaves.  We have screening, single standard, multi stem pompoms & hedging Photinia.  Also different varieties like Little Red Robin - smaller, redder leaves, Pink Crispy & Pink Marble which are a pink variation

Trachelospermum jasminoides Arch

Evergreen climbing shrub with broad lush green leaves that turn red in the autumn.  Produces highly scented white flowers in the summer. Tolerates any position but likes well drained soil.

Pinus Pom Pom

Pinus sylvestris.  Ornamental variation of scotch pine with clumped needle growth.  This tree will add and exotic element to your garden.