Herbaceous Perennials Nottingham

Hilltop Nurseries NottinghamHerbaceous Perennials Nottingham are those gorgeous plans that you instantly fall in love with as you lay eyes on them. What makes these types of plants so unique is that they are extremely versatile and come with extremely stunning flowers and beautiful form. While being a gardener’s favourite, many fear taking on the responsibility of growing perennials will be challenging. The reality is, these plants are easy to maintain and do not require the hypothetical green thumb in order to grow.


Why grow herbaceous perennials in Nottingham?

Unlike woody perennials that have a “woody” growth, herbaceous perennials are not at all woody and are soft stemmed. The best thing about growing perennials is that they die back to dormant level for a while of rest, but they grow again, better and better each year. This makes them a great option for those who love to grow beautiful plants in their front lawn or backyard and don’t mind the occasional pruning.  Here are a few reasons why you should consider growing herbaceous perennials:

  • There are different types of herbaceous perennials that you can choose from. While the most popular of this variety of perennials include the ornamental grasses, such as canna and caladiums, they also come as vegetables like rhubarbs and artichokes. You will find some of the most ever-green variety of beautiful flowering plants of the herbaceous perennial variety.
  • Getting herbaceous perennials in Nottingham will be a great idea for both amateur and professional gardeners who are looking to beautify their garden since the weather here is perfect for these types of plants to grow. Herbaceous perennials are known to self-seed quite readily. All you have to do is cut off the perennials after flowering and they will give you a fresh second flush of beautiful flowers.
  • To really catch the eye of the on looker you can easily plant your perennials in groups of three of five. Since perennials are known for their sheer beauty, planting them in groups demands attention. Most herbaceous perennials work perfect as borders to a garden.
  • You will be able to find a huge variety of herbaceous perennials at our garden centre. Allowing you to take your pick on these gorgeous flowers. What makes our variety of perennials unique is that they are offer a long-lasting display of beautiful flowers that will make a great impact on your garden. 


Our healthy and beautiful herbaceous perennials in Nottingham

We strive to deliver the best in quality when it comes to our perennials. We offer our customers a huge variety of perennials and educate our customers on the ways in which they can make their plants grow and blossom into beautiful flowers to give your garden an amazing design. We would also love to advice you during your visit to our Nursery in Nottingham as well as provide some online tips.


More than just herbaceous perennials in Nottingham

We stock a lot more than just herbaceous perennials in Nottingham. We stock many other type of plants such as annuals, alpines, fruits and vegetables. Additionally, we stock plant protection and feed, such as compost. Moreover, we have a wide variety of plant containers, hand tools and garden furniture at our garden centre in Nottingham.

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