Greenhouse Glass East Midlands

Now you don’t have to worry about replacing your greenhouse panes getting worn out, as Hilltop Nurseries offers super-strong greenhouse glass panels. Our greenhouse glass East Midlands panels are virtually unbreakable, and the best part is that we have great variety in them. Choose your own sizes, or acquire our cut to size or cut to shape services for the perfect greenhouse glass panels for your greenhouse.


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We know how important it is that your greenhouse has strong glass panels, which is why we have you covered when it comes to greenhouse glass. It is the best material for covering a greenhouse, but if you don’t know which type of glass to choose, let our experts help you out. We have a comprehensive collection of greenhouse glass in East Midlands, which includes the following types:

  • Annealed glass: annealed glass is the most common type and is plain glass that is heat treated and cooled in a controlled environment. However, the glass is prone to breaking and cracking, due to temperature changes. This greenhouse glass option is affordable, and works well for wall panels in a greenhouse, where high winds and snow loads aren’t a problem.
  • Tempered glass: tempered glass is heat-treated, with stressed induced in a special manner to increase the surface stress. The glass is extremely clear and is 6 times strong than anneal glass. It is a great choice for applying on greenhouse doors, walls, and roofs because it can handle fluctuating temperature.
  • Laminated glass: laminated glass is made from two or more glass sheets being bonded together with a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer. It is the same glass that your car windshield is made from, and is very strong. It doesn’t break, and is a great choice for applying anywhere in the greenhouse.


Get double-pane greenhouse glass East Midlands

If you want the best glass for your greenhouse, you should choose the double-pane glass, which is the most common choice for greenhouses. The glass is designed to be energy efficient, and is great for gardeners, because it decreases heating costs by half. This glass is a long-term investment, and comes with a low-e reflective coating, which acts as an insulator.

For many people it may seem expensive, but you must understand that double pane greenhouse glass offers long-term energy savings and better insulation for a more efficient greenhouse.


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Don’t know what type of greenhouse glass in East Midlands you should get? Come and talk to our greenhouse experts, and they will provide you with the best options for greenhouse glass.

Come and visit us today, and check out our extensive collection of greenhouse glass in East Midlands.