Environmental Care

Here at Hilltop we take environmental issues very seriously. Year on year we recycle our black plastic wherever possible along with all our shrink wrap and cardboard. We constantly look at ways to reduce our carbon footprint, buying local wherever possible or with other garden centres to combine deliveries that come from Italy and France.

We do use peat-based compost as it provides the best results when growing on our plants, however this is taken from designated areas.


What can you do when gardening, to help the environment?

•  By growing your own fruit, veg and herbs you'll have already made an impact by not "buying-in" on the negative effects that transporting produce has on the environment.

•  Reuse broken pots at the base of a new container to help drainage and reduce landfill.

•  Choose plants that are wildlife friendly. Bees, butterflies and birds work as a natural pesticide.

•  Hedging plays an important role in noise reduction as well as reducing dust and air pollution.

•  Plants that provide ground cover will help reduce soil erosion.

•  With soil regeneration being a hot topic for 2020, start making your own compost. 

•  Where possible collect rainwater, it really is best for the plants!