Compost Nottingham 

Hilltop Nurseries Nottingham You will find top quality compost near Nottingham that is decorative and protective and is ideal for use in planters, containers, beds and pots. Compost is useful in all gardens, regardless of their size. There is a huge variety of bagged compost and soil improvers that can be used by gardeners that help plants grow and be healthy and keeps the garden in excellent condition.


We are the specialists in compost near Nottingham

With years of experience in gardening near Nottingham, we know exactly what makes various plants grow. Different plants have different requirements, which is why you need to pay attention to the compost you use. You can find a wide selection of compost that will make your perennials, shrubs and grass grow better.

  • Custom-made compost: this compost is tailor-made to the requirements of the gardener. It ensures that your plants are able to get the nutrients they need to grow and produce flowers and fruit.
  • Fertilisers: the fertilisers that are provided include liquid seaweed which encourages flowering in plants. The wide range of fertilisers that we offer provides the kind of feed-and-go convenience that is hard to match.  
  • Multi-purpose compost: our compost near Nottingham is the ideal choice for cutting, or potting, and especially for container-grown bedding. All of the options that are available in the garden centre are environmentally friendly, and peat-free composts, that ensure that the plants in your garden is able to grow and flourish. Regardless of your requirements, you are going to find composts of all types at the garden centre. From the composts that have water-retaining gels to the composts with added fertilizer to improve the health of your plants.
  • Compost for acid-loving plants: if you are growing certain plants such as azaleas, blueberries or camellias, you will find that these plants do not grow well unless the soil has a pH level of above 6.5. At our garden centre near Nottingham, you will find compost hat is naturally acidic, which helps your plants grow better.


Let your plants grow better with compost near Nottingham

You can easily give new life to the plants in your garden by simply feeding it with the nutrients they need to grow well. At our full-service garden centre, you can easily find compost at Nottingham that’s 100% natural and carefully sourced to maintain a high level of quality. You will also find all the information you need to make sure that you use the right amount of fertilizer and specialist compost in your garden.


More than just compost near Nottingham

Naturally, being a nursery, we stock a lot more than just compost near Nottingham. Who needs compost without a garden full of plants? We have a wide range of plants on display, from annuals to perennials and herbs to vegetables. Additionally, we stock plant containers, gardening tools and garden furniture for you to get the best out of your outdoor area. What differentiates us from other garden centres? We have another speciality, greenhouse glass!

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