Bare-root Fruit & Hedging

Easy to grow!

Bare-root plants are just that, the stem of the plant with a strong exposed root system. They are field grown and lifted in late autumn when the plants are dormant.  Ideal for planting at this time of year, they quickly become established in the spring and offer a real value for money option.

Soft Fruit

Raspberries – delicate summer fruit, available in early, mid season and late varieties.

Blueberries – delicious on their own or in a fruit salad, require ericaceous compost (lime free)

Gooseberries – cooking and eating varieties in stock

Tayberries – a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry

Blackberry – thornless variety in stock




Privet ligustrum ovalifolium – very popular,  semi evergreen, which means it is generally evergreen but may lose some leaves in a particularly hard winter.  Suitable for most soils and will grow between 20-40cm per year.

Quickthorn crataegus monogyna – also known as hawthorn, deciduous (loses it leaves in winter) and thorny, so ideal to deter unwanted visitors. Suitable for most soils, grows 40-60cm per year

Green Beech fagus sylvatica – grown for its foliage which starts green in the spring then turns coppery in the autumn. Deciduous, suitable for most soils and grows 30-50cm per year.